Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Olympiana the best tasting Greek yogurt in almost all blind taste tests?

The magic behind our amazing taste is our old school Tsantila (cheesecloth in Greek) straining process, nobody does it this way, as its incredibly labor intensive and takes several days (as opposed to minutes or hours for the American Greek style yogurt). But there are no shortcuts to quality!

Is it really handmade?

Yes, 100%, exactly like homemade Greek yogurt, in a Tsantila (fabric cheesecloth in Greek), we hand tighten the bag twice a day to strain out the yogurt.

How long do you strain?

Good things come to those who wait! Our yogurt takes 4 days to strain naturally! Other brands take minutes or hours .

Wow, 20g or protein ,only 7 g f sugar, and only 2 ingredients?

Yes, without any additives or processing, compare our nutritional label and ingredients.

But what does it cost?

Olympiana Tsantila imported Greek Yogurt price ranges from $2.00 to $3.00 for a 6oz cup. This is because we use 2 to 3 times the milk the others do, and our grassfed mountain milk from Greece costs more than domestic milk.

Is Olympiana Really the FIRST and ONLY authentic Greek yogurt in America?

YES! At the moment, we are the only yogurt made in Greece sold in America. In the past other companies shipped from Greece to USA, they weren’t traditional Tsantila Greek yogurt, but factory made processed yogurts from much larger dairies.

Where does your milk come from?

We only use fresh, liquid milk, from grass fed cows in the mountains of northern Greece, which is Grade A certified.

Whose idea was Olympiana Yogurt?

Olympiana yogurt was the dream of Paul Hatziiliades, a Greek who grew up in Boston and now lives in Greece making Olympiana yogurt. He felt it was absolutely ridiculous that nearly 10 billion dollars of “Greek yogurt” are consumed in the US, but there isn’t a single real Greek yogurt!

Why no flavors?

We think you’re pretty smart and don’t need us telling you what fruit , honey, etc., to put in your yogurt. That, and we’re a small producer and wanted to focus on keeping things simple for now.